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AEP Oil Interceptor unit operates on Stokes’ Settling Law, whereby the mechanism of separating oil and liquid is by making use of gravity separation floatation principle. Oil Interceptor works by separating oil and other lighter density volatile liquid that is to be discharged out to public drainage system.


AEP Oil Interceptor Diagram

Functionality of AEP Oil Interceptor

i) Separation of Oil
The effluent enters inlet of the unit at high velocity flow rate carry with it the mixtures of oil, solid sediment and wastewater to the sediment bucket in the first chamber which retains the solid materials. Oil being lighter than water flows through to the second filtering chamber.

ii) Removal of Oil
The chamber consists of two filtering stages:

a) Coalescer Pack Unit
Oil will pass through a coalescer pack unit specially designed to reduce water turbulent flow and also to separate thicker oil particles into smaller particles for draw-off in the later process.

b) Coalescer Plates Unit
The oil particles that managed to pass through the first filter unit will be further trapped in the second chamber which is specially designed to ensure the small particles are captured and flow upwards to the water surface and provide enough retention time before being removed by an adjustable draw-off point to a sump tank, allowing only clean water to be discharged.

iii) Removal of Solids
The bucket that retains the solid materials needs to be emptied on an appropriate frequency to ensure no blockage that could cause interruption to the water flow.

Key Features

Effluent removal up to 99.9%
Operating efficiency from 60 micron
ASTM standard Compliance
Integration with oil collection ready
Maintenance-friendly design


Compliance to federal regulations
No energy consumption
Treated with no chemical process
Constant effluent discharge quality
Compact size
Removable for relocation


All kinds of synthetic oil
  Workshops & service centres
  Logistics centres
  Washing bays
  Petrol stations
  Manufacturing plants
  GO TOP  

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