AEP Biomatic Liquid Enzyme1

AEP Biomatic Liquid Enzyme Solution is a special mixture of environmental friendly organic microorganisms to enhance waste decomposition on wastewater treatment.

Main Functions of AEP Biomatic Liquid Enzyme: To Eliminate Fats, Oils, Grease, Stains, Wastes and Odor.

Microbe, living one-cell microorganisms are present throughout our environment. AEP Biomatic Liquid Enzyme consist of “friendly” (non-pathogenic / non-disease causing) microbes which help to degrade waste, control odor and remove stains. In essence, the micro-organism cultures are “eating machine” with the sole purpose of decomposing and digesting organic matters.

Microbial Contents

Bacillus Type : Multiple Bacillus Spp.
Enzyme Contents : Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Urease (Non-Harmful)
Spore Count : 100 million CFU/ml
BOD/COD Ratio : >0.35

Key Benefits

Digests fats, oil & grease (FOG) and other soluble wastes
It reduces BOD and COD contents
Microbial reacts to FOG and increases its decomposition rates
It eliminates odor
It has no harmful phosphate content
It is safe to use – non-corrosive reactive, non-pathogenic
It is safe for the environment
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